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Metal Bead Curtain

Product Detail

Metal bead curtain consists of thousands of small metal hollow balls with antiqued finishes or polished finishes that creates a vibrant and glamorous effect. It can be divided into three different types: round, faceted and ball bar ball. They all have extensive range of sizes and colors for your selection. Metal bead curtain, also called ball chain curtain, can not only divide or enclose spaces, but also allow air and light to diffuse. And with a charming and shimmering surface appearance, metal bead curtain is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Exhibition halls, discotheques, nightclubs, retail stores, spas center, bars and many other ideal venues that need to get creative with metal bead curtain.

Golden metal bead curtain

Metal bead curtain types


l  Material: low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, copper.

l  Bead diameter: 2/2.4/3.2/4.0/4.5/5.0/6/8/10/12 mm.

l  Surface Treatment: electroplate, polished, chrome plated, spray lacquer, etc.

l  Bead shape: round, pumpkin -shaped, oval, rugby -shaped, etc.

l  Packing: wooden case

l  About 66 strings per meter.

l  Color, shape and size can be customized.

Four styles of metal bead curtain

Metal bead curtain color catalog


l  Solid, durability strong.

l  Transparency and flexibility.

l  Appearance is a glamours drooping.

l  Easy to install and convey.

l  No rusty or color fading.

l  No corrosion.

l  Fireproof.


Due to its unique craft, metal bead curtain looks modern, clean and beautiful. It can be a marvelous space divider, for making room mystery and fullness. With a rang of colors and shapes, metal ball curtain can be used as window treatments, dividers, wall curtains, ceiling decorations, and more. It can be applied in:

l  Balcony.

l  Exhibition hall.

l  Window.

l  Museum.

l  Concert malls.

l  Building elevation.

l  Bathroom.

l  Hotel.

l  Office building.

l  Fireplace.


Metal bead curtain restaurant application


l  Bulk packaging: for any length of metal bead curtain, then packed in PE bags and put bags into cartons.

l  Spool packing: packaged metal bead curtain in rolls, and packed in PE bags inside, carton boxes outside.


Metal bead curtain on the H track

Metal bead curtain on the H track

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