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Chainmail Curtain

Product Detail

Chainmail curtain is a kind of popular and functional metal chain curtain in the market. Its process craft is almost the same with ring mesh curtain. Many thousands of individual rings combine together to form a huge curtain. And the flexible ring mesh curtain can be used in various ways: twisted, bent, elongated or strained, it is still intact without deformation. In a technical sense, it has high tensile strength that can withstand great tension. Chainmail curtain has been recognized by more and more customers, on one hand, its excellent properties like high tensile strength and rust resistance ensure it have longer service time than ordinary curtain, on the other hand, it has beautiful appearance with low maintenance advantage that can be used as internal and external decoration, partition curtain wall, window treatments, lamp decoration, etc.

Chainmail curtain is also known as architectural ring mesh.

CMC-01 Chainmail Curtain Different Opening Size

CMC-01 Chainmail Curtain Different Opening Size


lProduct name: chainmail curtain.

lMaterial: 304/316 stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel or carbon steel.

lSurface treatment: anodic oxidation.

lColor: silver, gold, copper or natural color. Other colors are also available.

lWire diameter: 0.5 mm - 2 mm.

lRing diameter: 3 mm - 22 mm.

lInterface of ring: welded or non-welded.

lWeight: 5 kg/m2 - 7 kg/m2 (depending on aperture size, shape and material chosen).

lLength & Height: up to you.

CMC-02 Golden chainmail curtain specifications measurement.

CMC-02 Golden chainmail curtain specifications measurement.

CMC-03 Silver chainmail curtain specifications measurement

CMC-03 Silver chainmail curtain specifications measurement.


lHigh tensile strength: Its metal material offers wear resistance and anti-corrosion properties.

lEasy installation: flexible and stable structure, without shrinks or stretches when used.

lMoisture proof: Even in humidity conditions, the curtain will be fine.

lFire prevention: The meting point of chainmail curtain is much higher than cloth curtain.

lVentilation and lightingkeep fresh air in and enhance lighting.

lLow maintenance: Stains on chainmail curtain can be washed off by mild soap water.

lLong lasting: With advantages of rust resistance and no fading, chainmail curtain offers a long service time.

lBeautiful appearance: smooth surface and stylish design.


CMC-04 Chainmail curtain has very flexible structure

CMC-04 Chainmail curtain has very flexible structure

CMC-05 Stainless steel chainmail mesh



Chainmail curtain can be used for decoration as well as protection. It can be used as:

lInternal and external decoration.

lDivider or background decoration.

lHelmets decoration.


lExhibition design.

lStaircase walls.

lMechanical filtration.

lFireplace screens.

lPartition curtain wall.

lGarment decoration.

lSun protection.

lSecurity areas.

lShop fitting.


lShower curtain.

lWindow treatments.



CMC-06 Chainmail curtain applied as room divider

CMC-06 Chainmail curtain applied as room divider


CMC-07 Chainmail curtain applied as space divider

CMC-06 Chainmail curtain applied as room divider


As we can see, chainmail curtain has so many functions, so it can be used for many different

lCoffee shop.

lOffice buildings.

lSculptures areas.







lShopping center.

lLamp shade.

lGloves, pillowcase.



lPut ring mesh curtain into a sealed plastic bag, then packaged sealed plastic bags into cartons or wooden cases according to your requirements.

lPackaging chainmail curtain with water proof paper or plastic film inside and outside with carton boxes or wooden cases at your requests.



Generally speaking, chainmail curtain is installed by stainless steel curtain rod or aluminum alloy track. Aluminum alloy track contains U track and H track. Both are highly flexible curtain track system that is a good solution for chainmail curtain walls, windows treatments. And stainless steel curtain rod makes it easy to move smoothly, its perfect load bearing capacity, especially suitable for long and heavy metal curtain. For aluminum alloy track, hang the ring mesh curtain on it and use some screws to fixed the track on the wall. And for stainless steel curtain rod, just connect chainmail curtain and it with small metal bead chains, and then fixed the curtain rod on the wall.

CMC-08 Chainmail curtain installation indicator diagrams

CMC-08 Chainmail curtain installation indicator diagrams.


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