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Perforated Metal Cladding

Product Detail

Perforated metal facade cladding is widely used in architects. It combines privacy protection and multiple functions like lighting, ventilation, isolation, sunscreen. Most importantly, it protect the buildings against the change of weather.

Perforated metal has stable material properties and high strength to weight ratio, which makes it easy to construct new buildings and renovate old buildings.

The Perforated metal facade cladding apply to facades architecture.

After surface treatment, the modern style appearance will make the building more unique and iconic.

Aluminum Perforated Metal Cladding


Anodized Perforated Metal Cladding


Material is the most important factor.Material Selection

Perforated metal cladding has to be exposed to the outdoors and needs large area, so material strength and corrosion resistance are important. As well as the strength-to-weight ratio considering the difficulties in construction and the stability of the frame structure.

Aluminum is the most widely used material.


l  Higher corrosion resistance.

l  Lighter weight.

l  Beautiful appearance after anodizing.

Weathering steel is also widely used in bad weather areas, because it has the best anti-weathering effect.

Round Hole Perforated Building Cladding

Round Hole Perforated Building Cladding

Design Choice

Perforated metal panel with triangular hole shape and silver surface.

The cladding hole types represent the decorative value of the buildings.

For concise style, regularly arranged hole patterns, like round and hexagonal are popular.

For strong visual impact, customized hole shape and size are available.

Proper open areas provide good air ventilation. Most designers choose 35% open area to balance above factors, like lighting, ventilation, isolation, sunscreen and privacy protection.

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment includes powder coating and anodizing.

l  Powder coating provides many color choices to cover the original metal surface, which can help anti rust and corrosion resistance.

l  Anodizing can maintain the metallic luster while dyeing the metal. It usually applies to aluminum panels, which can protect the panels against oxidation and corrosion.

Curved perforated panel building cladding

Curved perforated panel building cladding

Other Factors

Besides above factors, designers would also consider the integral layout of perforated screens. We can help simply process the panels like bending or folding.

Our perforated metal facade cladding are widely used in different projects, such as parking lots, train stations, shopping malls, hospitals, apartment buildings etc.

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