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Perforated Metal Ceiling

Product Detail

The perforated metal ceiling has good decoration and sound absorption features. It can help hiding the sprinkler systems, wire installations and ventilation, while also assuring the structure safety and good air passage. Considering the light-admitting quality of the perforated mesh ceiling, it can create interesting atmosphere cooperating with the lights.

Perforated mesh Ceiling with White Surface

Perforated mesh Ceiling with White Surface

Perforated mesh Ceiling with Round Holes

Perforated mesh Ceiling with Round Holes

Factors to consider:Material Choice.

l  Strength-to-weight ratio - light material ensures longer life of the fasteners.

l  Excellent sound absorption performance.

l  Fire and moisture resistant.

l  Easy to clean and maintain.

Therefore, we recommend aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel as the suitable mesh ceiling materials.

Perforated Architecture mesh Ceiling

Perforated Architecture mesh Ceiling

Pattern Choice

When you choose the mesh ceiling patterns, the appearance style, lighting effect, sound absorption effect and ventilation performance should be considered.

Round and square hole patterns are suitable for simple style.


The research shows that open area larger than 10% has good sound absorption effect. And the larger the open area, the better the ventilation effect.

Aluminum Perforated mesh Ceiling

Aluminum Perforated mesh Ceiling

Surface Treatment

The corridor ceiling is composed of the irregular gray round hole perforated metal.

Powder coating is the most common choice, which can make colorful and bright surface. We provide customized RAL color spraying service.

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